World Timer face for Apple Watch leaks during WWDC video

Apple accidentally revealed a new watch face for its timepiece that has several Apple Watch users excitingly looking forward to the fall when watchOS 8 should be released. The yet to be announced face is called “World Timer” and was displayed during a WWDC session held Tuesday when the topic of UIKit was discussed leading to speculation that the “World Timer” design will be unveiled with watchOS 8.
The image was posted by iOS developer Duraid Abdul (@duraidabdul) who disseminated it on Twitter. If world clocks are your thing, you surely will be interested in this watch face.
And if the design looks familiar, that is because it resembles a world time clock made by Seiko. The outer bezel is made up of 24 cities in order of time zones. There is an inner 24-hour clock ring that moves in tandem with the main watch hands.

A home city can be selected by rotating the outer ring until a city in the user’s time zone is at the top of the dial. The time in the home city can be seen in the main display while the 24-hour clock shows the hour of each city on the bezel wheel. The “World Timer” display leaves room for four complications chosen by the Apple Watch user.

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