Taking your PS4 on the go? Here are the best travel accessories.

travel accessories for PS4
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Traditionally, you play your game console at home unless it’s a Nintendo Switch that’s built for easy portability. However, it’s not a ridiculous idea that you might want to carry your PlayStation 4 around with you, particularly if you’re traveling on a lengthy trip. It’s not the most convenient thing you’ll ever do, but with the right accessories, you’ll be able to travel (fairly) light and have a great experience on the road. Many of the best PS4 travel accessories work with PS5, too, if you’ve managed to get hold of one.

Case Club PS4 Gaming Station

Staff Pick

This big beastly thing is an all-in-one travel solution for your PS4. It combines a durable, waterproof case with an 18.5 inch HD monitor so that you can play anywhere you have power. Inside, an HDMI cable is included, along with a custom-fit foam base, heavy-duty straps to secure your console, and accessory bags. It’s pricey, but has everything you could want if you’re planning to take your PS4 traveling.

$420 at Amazon

Lepow Portable Monitor

Simple and effective:
Lepow Portable Monitor

With a 15.6 inch 1080p screen and HDR support, the Lepow portable monitor is perfect for immersive gaming on the go. It contains features that make it better for PS4 support — the biggest of which is its HDMI inputs. It also has dual speakers and is incredibly lightweight, a must for your ps4 travel accessories. A smart cover and screen protector helps keep your monitor safe during travel, something to take care of any worries you might have traveling with such fragile equipment.

$240 at Amazon

BUBM Waterproof backpack

Gaming on your back:
BUBM Waterproof Backpack

If the Vanguard isn’t for you, but you still need a great way to carry your console and accessories around, this great backpack from BUBM is worth consideration. Not only does it hold your PlayStation 4 console and all of the accessories you need, but it’s waterproof to keep everything safe.

razer kraken x

For your audio needs:
Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

This isn’t necessarily the best headset for the PS4, but it’s a solid and cheap buy for gamers on the go. The headset sounds great, is extremely comfortable, and is incredibly lightweight and flexible, making for easy storage. The mic is bendable, so you don’t need to worry about breaking it in transit, and the headset won’t weigh down your luggage. The 250 grams frame is much lighter than many other headsets on the market.

Sisma Carry Case

Small comforts:
Sisma Dualshock 4 Travel Case

No matter how good your bag is, your controller could easily get damaged during travel, especially the sticks. Sisma’s hard travel storage case is made specifically to keep that from happening, as it offers a specially designed case for the DualShock 4 while also protecting it from any bumps or drops. It even has a hand grip for you to keep it on you at all times.

$17 at Amazon

Seagate 4tb Portable Hdd Ps

Digital game storage:
Seagate 4TB Portable Hard Drive

At home, you may well have a large, powered hard drive with mass amounts of storage for your PS4 games. Unfortunately, that won’t work well on the road since it’s probably pretty big and needs a separate power source. A portable USB drive, though, won’t be such a hassle. This one hooks up over a single USB cable, requires no external power, and will slip inside even a small pocket inside your bag.

Trunab Game Case

Physical game storage:
Trunab Game Disc Case

This is a pretty good investment if you have a hefty collection and want to move it around. You can toss in all your favorite game discs with their cases. There’s enough room inside to fit 24 games, and this particular bag is made out of extremely sturdy materials.

$24 at Amazon

Choose wisely

Transporting your console and all of your games can be hectic, especially when long-distance traveling. Thankfully, plenty of incredible products exist to take the stress off your mind. These accessories will let you transport your PS4 with ease, so be sure to grab some before your next trip. If you have the money to spare, the Case Club PS4 Gaming Station is a quality product used by many professional gamers that allows you to have a full gaming experience no matter where you go.

If you’re looking to travel more lightly, the BUBM waterproof backpack might be more your speed. Not only does it have more than enough room for your PS4, but you can even keep every wire nice and tidy in its own compartment, which takes a lot of the hassle out of moving the system in the first place.

Of course, your games need to be moved as well. If you’re looking for something cheap and secure to move the games in, you might want to check out the Trunab game disc case. Not only does it fit up to 24 games, but it’s designed to easily carry around no matter where you, and even has room for wires or a controller in the upper compartments. So no matter where you go with your games, just know that you can keep them safe in various ways.

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