T-Mobile’s latest Android 11 update comes as a very pleasant surprise

T-Mobile‘s own-brand REVVL smartphones are not exactly meant to make headlines or spend too much time in the limelight, but despite getting little to no publicity compared to budget-friendly devices from companies like Samsung, OnePlus, or Motorola, these puppies have been around for a number of years now.

Clearly, someone must be buying the likes of the REVVL 4+ and REVVL 5G, and owners of the former model were undoubtedly pleasantly surprised to receive a major new OS update recently.
According to the official software support webpage of the 6.52-inch handset powered by a Snapdragon 665 processor, this Android 11 promotion kicked off its over-the-air rollout on April 14. 

Of course, it often takes a little time for these things to expand to all eligible users across the nation, so even if you still can’t download and install the goodie pack on your specific T-Mobile REVVL 4+ unit, there’s probably no reason to panic.

Instead, all you can really do is wait… and completely violate that “System Updates” button in Settings – System – Advanced to try to manually force the leap from Android 10 to OS version 11.
In case you’re wondering, this is the first big update delivered to the 2020-released REVVL 4 Plus, following in the footsteps of a relatively large number of smaller software enhancements and improvements primarily focused on security.
Curiously enough, the pricier and higher-end REVVL 5G is still stuck with Android 10 and a fairly old February security patch level, compared to the 4G LTE-only REVVL 4+, which actually received March 2021 security updates prior to this major UI revision.

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