Royal Enfield Hunter 350 prices compared to competition

The Hunter 350 undercuts all of its competition and is priced almost exactly on-par with the smaller, 225cc TVS Ronin.

At long last, Royal Enfield has finally launched its long awaited Hunter 350, and it has knocked it out of the park with the pricing. RE’s latest model starts at Rs 1,49,900 for the Retro variant, while the higher Metro version is priced between Rs 1,63,900 and 1,68,900, depending on the colour option you pick. So how do these prices compare to some of the Hunter’s biggest rivals?

The Hunter’s stiffest competition comes from the other neo-retro roadsters at this price point and displacement range. These include the likes of the Honda CB350RS, the Jawa Forty Two, and the Yezdi Roadster.

The Honda CB350RS, arguably the Hunter’s most direct rival, is priced at Rs 2,03,179 for its single-tone colour options, and Rs 2,03,808 for the dual-tone versions. Which means that the Hunter undercuts its Japanese rival by a whopping amount of over Rs 50,000! The exact difference between starting prices is a massive Rs 53,279.

Also priced in a similar range is the Yezdi Roadster, which sits between Rs 2,01,142 and Rs 2,09,142, meaning that the Hunter undercuts it in a very similar fashion. Even when comparing the top variants of both machines, the RE still holds a seriously impressive advantage of over Rs 40,000.

The rival that comes closest to matching the Hunter’s price is the Jawa Forty Two, but even this bike is considerably more expensive than the Enfield. Priced between Rs 1,67,487 and Rs 1,81,357, the Jawa’s starting price only manages to get within Rs 17,587 of the Hunter’s.

In fact, the bike that most closely matches the Hunter’s price actually comes from a segment below, in the form of the TVS Ronin. This recently launched retro motorcycle from the Hosur manufacturer packs in a much smaller engine, displacing 225cc. It can equal the Hunter’s 20hp power figure, but can’t quite match up to its 27Nm torque figure, only managing 19.93Nm. The Ronin is priced between Rs 1,49,000 and Rs 1,68,750.

RE Hunter 350 pricing vs rivals
Model Price Range
RE Hunter 350 Rs 1,49,900 to 1,68,900
Honda CB350RS Rs 2,03,179 to 2,03,808
Yezdi Roadster Rs 2,01,142 to 2,09,142
Jawa Forty Two Rs 1,67,487 to 1,81,357
TVS Ronin Rs 1,49,000 to 1,68,750

All prices ex-showroom, Delhi.

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