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Oculus Touch controllers have wrist loops that keep them from flying off, but you still have to keep a rigid claw grip on them at all times while playing. By installing a hand or knuckle strap, you can keep your Touches fully attached while giving your hands a break. We’ve collected the best Oculus Quest 2 hand straps — plus straps for the original Quest’s different-sized Touch controllers — to make long VR gaming sessions more bearable.

Note: We will label which products work with the original or updated Touch controllers, so be sure to check before buying.

Best for comfort:
VR Cover Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2

Staff Pick

Designed specifically for the new Touch controllers, these VR Cover grips have felt fabric straps that wrap around the back of your hand or knuckles, plus a plastic non-slip grip that won’t bend in your fingers like a silicone grip. We tested and loved these grips, especially the strap that softly hugs your hands and allows you to let go worry-free during gameplay. They’re also fully washable, so they won’t end up sweat-stained and gross over time.

$29 at Amazon

Beswinvr Silicone Protection And Grips Quest

Never remove them again:
BeswinVR Silicone Protection and Grips

The BeswinVR Silicone Protection and Grips might look pretty similar to many other grips. Still, they’ve got one huge feature that makes them the best grips you can buy when paired with another BeswinVR product: the BeswinVR Magnetic Charge Kit. That charge kit comes with a special rechargeable battery that has a magnetic connector on it. These grips have a circular cut-out made just for that magnetic connector, meaning you’ll never have to remove the battery or grips again. So be sure to buy them together!

$30 at Amazon

NinjaGrip Oculus Quest 2 3D-Printed Grips

Smooth, 3D-printed grip:
NinjaGrip OQ2 Touch Controller Grips

Before retailers sold hand straps, VR fans with 3D printing skills found their own solution. Made of NinjaFlex filament, these NinjaGrips offer over 20 different color options, a comfortably smooth grip without any rough ridges, and straps with extra fabric padding. These look less “professional” than the other options and may take several weeks to ship and offer better finger comfort and easy installation. You’ll find links for the Quest 1 and Quest 2 variants below.

Kiwi Design Silicone Grip Cover For Oculus Quest 2

Seamless grips:
KIWI design Silicone Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2

Most straps fasten with tiny loops to the tracking halo, which can look a bit tacky or slide around. This Kiwi silicone grip cover uses ear buckles that keep it fastened securely to the back of the halo, making it look more natural than other mods. The hole at the bottom allows you to keep the original Touch hand straps. The leather knuckle strap isn’t as soft or padded as other options and seems to let the rivet rest against your hand, but should easily fit any hand size.

$24 at Amazon

Mamut Grips³

Handstitched padding:
Mamut Grips³

Made specifically for the new Quest 2 Touch controllers, the third-edition Mamut Grips has a very comfortable plastic TPU grip with built-in hand-stitched padding, making it more pleasant to hold for long sessions. Plus, it’s designed to fit various hand sizes based on how you tie the fasteners around the loop. The black-on-white grip looks stylish, though we could do without the word “Mamut” being plastered all over it. That aside, this is undoubtedly one of the best Oculus Quest 2 hand straps that aren’t just a repurposed Quest 1 grip.

$35 at Mamut

AMVR Oculus Touch Grips Product Image

Extra straps and accessories:
AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover for Oculus Quest

This AMVR bundle gives you two sets of adjustable, elastic grip bands configurable to your hand size and fixed with velcro so that they won’t budge during crazy workouts. You also get two anti-sweat TPU plastic grips, a bonus lens protector, and a nose gap-closing attachment. While AMVR has labeled these as being for both the original and Quest 2, this appears to be misleading, as the design hasn’t changed, and recent reviewers have complained that they don’t actually fit the new, larger controllers. While this disappointed us, we kept them on the list for Quest 1 shoppers.

$23 at Amazon

Choose your grip wisely

We scoured the internet for the best Oculus Quest 2 hand straps and grips to make sure we didn’t lead you astray. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are taking their original Touch controller designs and renaming the product listing to say they work with the new Touch controllers as well — but these are larger than the originals, and a tight grip could actually damage your controllers or buttons.

When in doubt, you can hardly ever go wrong with any VR Cover accessory, but especially its Quest 2 controller grips. We’ve tested these straps thoroughly and are happy with the comfort level and overall safety. You can also invest in a halo controller protector if you’re concerned about accidentally smacking or dropping your controllers.

Some grips offer additional functionality when paired with other Quest 2 accessories. Case in point, the BeswinVR Silicone Protection, and Grips, which are designed to be used with the BeswinVR Magnetic Charge Kit for controllers. The special rechargeable battery and magnetic USB cable that come with the Charge Kit are made to be used with those grips, so you’ll never need to remove them just to charge the battery.

Once you’ve chosen the best Quest 2 hand straps for you, you’ll be able to get more active! Try looking into the best Quest 2 face covers, which will help keep your headset clean and more comfortable, and then try looking into some of our picks for the best Oculus Quest 2 games for exercise.

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