Protect your Galaxy S21, S21+, or Ultra with 80% off Black Friday cases

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series has been out for almost a year now, and whether you’ve had yours from the very beginning or you’re just picking one up this Black Friday thanks to some great Samsung Galaxy Black Friday deals, today is the day your S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra deserves a case.

After all, if you’ve had your phone and case since late January, your case has likely seen better days, and if your phone is brand spanking new, you need a case for it before you take it out into the world. Don’t tempt fate into a fall onto cracked asphalt; this is the season for joy, not heartbreak! Whatever your tastes, there’s a whole cornucopia of case deals out there, so grab one for every S21 in your family.

Caseology Nano Pop (Save up to 60%)

This is our favorite Galaxy S21 case on the market today, marrying a slim, grippy profile with eye-catching two-tone colorways for a case that’s distinct, protective, and pocket-friendly. Some colorways have extra 20% off coupons, so be sure to clip them before checking out.

Spigen Liquid Air P Galaxy S21 Ultra

Spigen Liquid Air Armor (Save up to 35%)

The Liquid Air Armor offers up excellent grip, an understated pattern, and in the case of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Air P version is the best S-Pen case around. It’s not a lint magnet like Samsung or bulky like folio cases.

ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series S21 Case

ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series (Save 20%)

Available in five colors, the percentage discount here might not seem huge compared to the LifeProof and OtterBox cases below, but the final price is lower. The Vanguard Series has a durable kickstand that can double as a phone grip, for those of us who prop up our phone with notes of video calls while working.

LifeProof Next Series Galaxy S21 Case

LifeProof NEXT Series (Save up to 77%)

Very few clear cases have silicone plugs to keep dust out of your ports, and LifeProof makes one of them. This case was massively overpriced at launch, but at $15-$25, it’s a much better deal for a rugged case that’ll still show off your Galaxy flair expertly.

Lifeproof Wake Series Case Galaxy S

LifeProof WAKE Series (Save up to 53%)

Made of over 85% recycled ocean plastics, the WAKE does sustainability in the best way. Available in three colorways, these hard-shell cases showcase your style and your eco-friendly goals while keeping your S21 safe and secure.

OtterBox Prefix Series S21 Case

Otterbox Prefix Series (Save up to 62%)

While the Symmetry Clear Series we’ll talk about in a minute is OK, the Prefix looks sleeker and comes in far better colors, such as this luscious Red and that Rock Candy Blue.

Otterbox Commuter Series S21 Case

OtterBox Commuter Series (Save 30%)

This case is slimmer and more flexible than the Defender, but it has the same silicone flaps to cover the USB-C port. Use wireless charging and keep your USB-C port clean and safe.

Otterbox Symmetry Samsung Galaxy S21 Case

OtterBox Symmetry Series (Save up to 63%)

There are few Galaxy S21 cases more eyecatching and durable than the Rock Candle Blue Symmetry Series Case. In case you want something more understated, there are also clear, black, and marble pink versions discounted, too.

OtterBox Defender Series S21 Case

OtterBox Defender Series Screenless Edition (Save up to 50%)

Ever the iconic OtterBox case, the Defender Series for the S21 doesn’t have a built-in screen protector because it would interfere with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. However, you do still get the belt holster, if you wanna party like it’s 1995.

Tech21 Evo Check S21 Ultra Black

Tech21 Evo Check (Save up to 50%)

Available for all three S21 models, the Evo Check is a clear case with serious drop protection, able to withstand 12-foot impacts. While this isn’t crystal clear, the dark translucence makes for fun color combinations.

From $20 at Amazon

Tech21 Evowallet S21 Plus Case

Tech21 EvoWallet (Save 28%)

Wallet cases tend to be bulky but not actually that protective, but Tech21 ensures both your phone and cards are secure and safe against 12-foot drops, should your phone/wallet slip off the balcony rail at the club.

From $27 at Amazon

Tech21 Evoclear S21 Ultra Case

Tech21 EvoClear (Save up to 39%)

This case might “only” have 8-foot impact resistance, but that’s still much better than most clear cases and the EvoClear looks much better to boot. And unlike the Evo Check, this one is truly transparent.

From $23 at Amazon

Tech21 Evo Sparkle S21 Plus Case

Tech21 Evo Sparkle (Save up to 43%)

While the Galaxy S21 missed out on the fun colors Tech21 is really known for, the Evo Sparkle at least gives us a small prismatic flair with its rainbow dots radiating across the back of the case. While it shows up best on black, it works quite well on every model’s colorways.

From $23 at Amazon

While there are tons of great S21 cases for every style, thickness, and functionality you can throw an S Pen at on Black Friday, it’s still a matter of what case looks the best for you. After all, it doesn’t matter how deeply the OtterBox Prefix Series is discounted if you have a gray S21 that doesn’t really need a clear case.

I highly recommend the Caseology Nano Pop for those wanting something slim and colorful and the OtterBox Symmetry Series for those who want something heavy-duty and colorful. The Spigen Liquid Air P is the best S21 Ultra S-Pen case, but if you need something extra-protective, the OtterBox Defender Screenless Edition is another worthy contender.

If heavy-duty protection is what you seek, I suggest taking a long look at the ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series. it’s “only” 20% off but the color options are better and it’s still a much lower price than the OtterBox. The Red and Purple colorways are especially fetching and I quite enjoyed using them on my S21 before I came back to my one true love, the Caseology Nano Pop.

Where are other case deals this Black Friday?

A number of manufacturers are also running discounts on their websites this holiday weekend, from site-wide discounts to discount spins that could get you as much as 80% off that new case you’re eyeing. Here are the best of those deals:

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