Pixel Launcher update saves you time finding those hidden screenshots

Source: Alex Dobie / Android Central

Google is making it much easier to find your screenshots hidden in Google Photos with a new update to the Pixel Launcher. The launcher has picked up a new integration with Google Photos to enable the new capability.

A quick search for the keyword “screenshot” in the launcher’s search bar immediately brings up the Photos icon along with three of the recent screenshots you’ve taken. The new feature first popped up on the Google News channel on Telegram (via Android Police).

It’s also a lot faster to share images with the latest update. When you long-press a screenshot, the Pixel Launcher will show a dedicated button right in the results page to let you share it through other apps. This feature obviously supercharges the search bar, which is normally limited to finding apps installed on your device.

The new capability helps you save time hunting for the screenshot folder in Google Photos, which previously required a number of taps. Interestingly, it complements a previous update for Photos, which introduced a large shortcut button on the home page that would take you directly to the screenshot folder.

As is frequently the case with Google’s handy features, the most recent update is currently limited to Google’s best Android phones, including the Pixel 6 series as well as the older Pixel devices. If the update is not coming to your device, you can still quickly find screenshots in Photos by following this guide.

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