Pixel At a Glance widget set to sync better with your Nest speakers and displays

What you need to know

  • Google is looking to improve synchronization across all their devices to your phone.
  • The new feature will allow you to see timers created on your Nest Hub/speakers through the At a Glance widget on a Pixel.
  • The feature appears in the beta version of the Google app.

Google’s At a Glance widget for Pixel phones has always been an easy, efficient way of seeing the important things during the day. Google is now looking to expand on its At a Glance widget by bringing more integration with its Nest Hub and Assistant-enabled devices.

The key feature in question this time has been narrowed down to timers. You can currently see your phone’s timer and stopwatch using the At a Glance widget right on your home screen. If you’re looking to get some more information from that little timer, simply tap and go. However, it appears that the timer feature is getting a bit of an upgrade, as spotted in the latest Google app beta, currently marked v13.26.

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