Only 4% of iOS users choose to be tracked by third-party apps after update

You might remember that a survey conducted days after Apple launched the App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14.5 showed that 47% of those responding said that they were allowing themselves to be tracked. That was a bit of a surprise, and as we pointed out at the time, “App Tracking Transparency is brand spanking new so we can’t put that much currency in the numbers after one week.”
Today, a fresh bunch of numbers was released by app analytical firm Flurry and it shows that out of 2.5 million daily mobile active users in the United States, only 4% have decided to opt-in and allow themselves to be tracked by third-party apps. That leaves 96% who choose not to be tracked online and through the apps that they are using. Those who opt-in will continue to receive customized online ads.

This is horrific news for a company like Facebook that generated $84 billion in revenue last year from online ads, which is a $189 billion business worldwide. And while the numbers are a little better for the social media concern worldwide, the global tally is still nothing for Facebook and small businesses to celebrate. Globally, 12% of 5.3 million users have decided to opt-in and will continue to be tracked by third-party apps.

Flurry Analytics happens to be owned by Verizon and is used in over 1 million mobile apps providing data on over 2 billion mobile devices per month. The firm plans on updating the figures every weekday.

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