North East India to get its first racetrack

The racetrack will be 2km long and is located in Lengpui, which also houses the state’s airport.

Mizoram’s Tourism, Sports and Youth Services minister Robert Romawia Royte has announced that the state will get its own racetrack soon. This will be the first ever racetrack in North East India and adds to the ever-growing list of circuits currently under development across the country.

  • Track will be located in Lengpui, Mizoram
  • Rs 10 crore earmarked for its development

New race track in Mizoram: all you need to know

A Memorandum of Agreement has been signed between the Mizoram State Sports Council and Rural Electrification Corporation (REC), which comes under the Ministry of Power, to build the REC – MSSC Motorsports Race Track and Sports Complex in Mizoram.

The track will be located in Lengpui, which also houses the state’s sole airport. According to a statement released by the REC, this will be a relatively short track – 2km long and 6m wide – but the project is still in its nascent stages. For comparison, the MMRT is 3.7km long, while the Buddh International Circuit is 5.1km long. There are also plans to host international events here in the future.

Around Rs 10 crore will be invested to develop the track, with the REC committing Rs 7.5 crore under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding.

Racetracks in India

Motorsport in India has received a sizable boost in the past few months, with the announcement of the Formula Regional Indian Championship, and a whole slew of new tracks being developed, to name a few.

Mizoram’s REC – MSSC Motorsports Race Track and Sports Complex joins the CoASTT High Performance Centre, which will be Coimbatore’s second racetrack, the Marque One racetrack in Andhra Pradesh, Pista Motor Speedway coming up near Hyderabad and the Nanoli Speedway near Pune, which are all under development.

We currently have three major tracks that are operational – the Buddh International Circuit (BIC), Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) and Coimbatore’s Kari Motor Speedway. Out of these, the BIC is India’s only F1-spec track.

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