More efficient GreenLine Skodas could be headed to India

Packed with efficient tech, GreenLine Skodas will help meet CAFE norms, lower CO2.

Skoda, in an effort to reduce fuel consumption and meet Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) targets, is likely to sell more fuel-efficient versions of its cars under the GreenLine badge. These cars will come with real tweaks and tech that will help make them fundamentally more efficient, helping the VW group meet CAFE targets. While the GreenLine badge hasn’t been used much of late even in Europe, especially after the slowdown of diesels there, Skoda is looking at applying the same fundamentally sound principles to its range of petrol cars in India.  

GreenLine will focus on increasing efficiency 

GreenLine cars and SUVs have several features and tweaks that help increase fuel efficiency. These include taller overall gearing, so that the car travels further for every revolution of the engine. This reduces the amount of fuel consumed and is normally done by using a taller or longer final drive. GreenLine cars also use low rolling resistance tyres. Rubber tyres deform as they roll and this causes resistance and wastes energy. Using low rolling resistance tyres means less fuel is used. While the gains are relatively small, the effect over the life of the car is considerable. Also put to use are energy recuperation or hybrid systems. These include electric generators and motors that help wind back energy that is otherwise lost to a battery. Skoda is also likely to use drive modes. While many cars today have ECO modes, the use of these in conjunction with other systems normally results in a larger overall impact. To improve aerodynamic drag, GreenLine cars are also lowered by 10-15mm. While this, in principle, is possible, executing it in our conditions could prove to be difficult, as a high ground clearance is important. Still, both the Kushaq and Slavia have ample clearance. 

Then, Skoda is also likely to use individual bits of fuel saving technology on its GreenLine cars to gain CAFE credits. Regenerative braking, for example, has a factor of 0.98, so does idle Start-Stop System, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System or a 6- or more speed transmission. If Skoda does this, like a lot of manufacturers are currently doing, the CO2 target for those individual vehicles can be re-calculated by multiplying the factors to give a reduced CO2 target.

Skoda’s other sub-brands India   

While GreenLine hasn’t been introduced in India yet, there are other Skoda ‘special’ editions we are more than familiar with. These include examples like the RS, L&K and Monte Carlo, all of which are on sale in India. The RS badge is used on cars that have sportier specifications. They come with more powerful engines, sportier suspension components and performance-inspired interiors and exteriors. L&K or Laurin & Klement badged cars are the most luxurious Skodas on offer. Here, additional chrome, leather and wood garnishing are used, among others, to enhance the feeling of being in a luxurious environment. And these cars also get many distinguishing features and additional tech on the inside. Then there is Monte Carlo, and cars and SUVs that fall under this umbrella are given a sporty look and many attractive ‘blacked out’ features.

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