Maruti Suzuki Brezza vs rivals: size, engine, specs and price compared

The Brezza and the Venue are newest of the lot. We compare all compact SUVs to see how they stack up on paper.

The compact SUV segment recently saw the launch of the all-new Maruti Suzuki Brezza and the Hyundai Venue facelift. This body style and size continue to be a favourite among car buyers, and with numerous offerings still in contention, the new Brezza, as well as the updated Venue, have their work cut out. We compare the new Maruti Suzuki Brezza against all its rivals on paper to see how they stack up in terms of size, engine options, specifications and price.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza vs rivals: dimensions

Maruti Suzuki Brezza vs rivals: dimensions
Brezza Venue Sonet Nexon XUV300 Urban Cruiser Magnite Kiger
Length 3995mm 3995mm 3995mm 3994mm 3995mm 3995mm 3994mm 3991mm
Width 1790mm 1770mm 1790mm 1811mm 1821mm 1790mm 1758mm 1750mm
Height 1685mm 1617mm 1647mm 1607mm 1617mm 1640mm 1572mm 1600mm
Wheelbase 2500mm 2500mm 2500mm 2498mm 2600mm 2500mm 2500mm 2500mm
Boot Space 328 litres 350 litres 392 litres 350 litres 257 litres 328 litres 336 litres 405 litres
Fuel Tank 48 litres 45 litres 45 litres 44 litres 42 litres 328 litres 40 litres 40 litres
Wheel Size 16-inch 16-inch 16-inch 16-inch 16-inch 16-inch 16-inch 16-inch

The new Maruti Suzuki Brezza measures 3,995mm in length, 1,790mm in width, 1,685mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 2,500mm. While the length, width and wheelbase remain the same as the previous model, the height has increased by 45mm, primarily due to the addition of a shark fin antenna on the roof.

The length of the Brezza is at par with most of its rivals and among the longest in this sub-4m segment. The Nexon, Magnite and Kiger are marginally shorter. In terms of width, however, the new Brezza is somewhere in the middle. It’s wider than the Venue, Magnite and Kiger, and at par with the Sonet and Urban Cruiser, but narrower than the Nexon and XUV300.

At 1,685mm, the new Brezza is the tallest SUV of the lot and measures 38mm more than the second-place Sonet. As for the wheelbase, at 2,500mm, it is at par with most other SUVs, but 100mm shorter than the XUV300, which has the longest wheelbase in the class.

The Brezza’s 328-litre boot is one of the smallest in the segment and only larger than the XUV300’s by 71 litres. The Maruti, however, has one of the largest fuel tanks, at 48 litres. All SUVs ride on 16-inch wheels.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza vs rivals: engine options 

Maruti Suzuki Brezza vs rivals: engine and specs
Brezza Venue Sonet Nexon XUV300 Urban Cruiser Magnite Kiger
Type 4 cyls NA 4 cyls NA/3 cyls turbo 4 cyls NA/3 cyls turbo 3 cyls turbo 3 cyls turbo 4 cyls NA 3 cyls NA/3 cyls turbo 3 cyls NA/3 cyls turbo
Displacement 1462cc 1197cc/998cc 1197cc/998cc 1198cc 1197cc 1462cc 999cc/999cc 999cc/999cc
Power 103hp 83hp/120hp 83hp/120hp 120hp 110hp 105hp 72hp/100hp 72hp/100hp
Torque 137Nm 115Nm/172Nm 115Nm/172Nm 170Nm 200Nm 138Nm 96Nm/160Nm (MT), 152Nm (AT) 96Nm/160Nm (MT), 152Nm (AT)
MT Gearbox 5-speed 5-speed/- 5-speed/- 6-speed 6-speed 5-speed 5-speed/5-speed 5-speed/5-speed
AT Gearbox 6-speed torque converter -/6 iMT, 7 DCT -/6 iMT, 7 DCT 6-speed AMT 6-speed AMT 4-speed torque converter 5-speed AMT/CVT -/CVT
ARAI mileage MT 20.15kpl 17.3kpl 18.4kpl 17kpl 17kpl 17.03kpl -/20kpl 18.75kpl/20kpl
ARAI mileage AT 19.80kpl 18.1kpl/18kpl 18.2kpl/18.3kpl 18.76kpl -/17.7kpl
Mild-Hybrid Yes No No No No AT only No No

There are essentially three kinds of engines in this compact-SUV segment – the smaller displacement (1.0 litres and 1.2 litres) naturally aspirated engines, the turbocharged 1.0 litres and 1.2 litres and the larger displacement 1.5-litre engines on the Brezza and the Urban Cruiser. Do note that the Urban Cruiser is essentially a last-gen Brezza. 

In essence, the 1.5-litre engine does not make for a direct comparison with either the smaller displacement naturally aspirated engines or the turbocharged ones. Still, the Brezza and the Urban Cruiser are more powerful than all other naturally aspirated offerings in the segment. Conversely, its also less powerful than its turbocharged rivals with the exception of the Magnite turbo and Kiger turbo.

Maruti has paired the Brezza’s 1.5-litre NA engine with a 5-speed manual gearbox, which is a similar engine-gearbox combination to its rivals’ naturally aspirated offerings. For the automatic gearbox, the Brezza and the Urban Cruiser are the only ones with a torque converter unit, with the former using a new 6-speed gearbox as opposed to the latter’s dated 4-speed unit. All other compact SUVs offer a mix of iMT, AMT, CVT or DCT gearboxes.

The Brezza may be low in terms of powertrain options or overall output figures, but it more than makes up for it on the fuel-efficiency front. Aided by mild-hybrid technology, the new Brezza is the most fuel-efficient SUV in this segment, in both manual and automatic guises. The Urban Cruiser is the only other model to get mild-hybrid tech (only in AT guise), but the new Brezza marks an improvement even over that.

It’s worth highlighting that the Venue, Sonet, Nexon and XUV300 are also available with a diesel engine option, but have been left out of this comparison as the Brezza is a petrol-only model.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza vs rivals: price

Maruti Suzuki Brezza vs rivals: price (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Brezza Venue Sonet Nexon XUV300 Urban Cruiser Magnite Kiger
Petrol-MT Rs 7.99 – 12.46 lakh Rs 10.96 – 13.96 lakh Rs 7.15 – 9.05 lakh Rs 7.55 – 11.95 lakh Rs 8.41 – 12.38 lakh Rs 9.02 – 9.99 lakh Rs 5.87 – 9.53 lakh Rs 5.99 – 9.72 lakh
Petrol-AT Rs 10.96 – 13.96 lakh Rs 9.99 – 12.57 lakh Rs 9.98 – 13.19 lakh Rs 9.20 – 12.60 lakh Rs 10.50 – 13.06 lakh Rs 10.14 – 11.73 lakh Rs 9.67 – 10.40 lakh Rs 8.04 – 10.62 lakh

The new Brezza has considerably moved up the price ladder when compared to its predecessor. While the starting price of the Brezza has gone up by just Rs 15,000, the top-spec ZXi+ AT variant costs over Rs 2.5 lakh more than the outgoing model.

The starting price of the Brezza petrol-manual is one of the highest, only lesser than the XUV300 and the Urban Cruiser. It’s also the most expensive at the top-end among all the compact SUVs. Automatic versions of the Brezza are pricier still, with the highest starting and top-end price. In fact, the top-spec Brezza automatic is even costlier than top-end diesel-automatic variants of the Sonet, XUV300 and the Nexon.

This is primarily due to the fact that the Brezza uses the largest engine of all (1.5 litre), which means it does not qualify for excise duty benefits that petrol cars with engine displacement of 1.2 litres or lower enjoy. Other than the Urban Cruiser, every other compact SUV enjoys a lower excise duty, due to their smaller capacity engines. The Brezza’s mild-hybrid tech and the accompanying battery also add to the cost.

Would you pick the new Maruti Suzuki Brezza over any of its rivals? Let us know in the comments below.

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