Leaked images showcase Xperia PRO-I and its gigantic one-inch camera sensor

The accompanying renders showcase a phone with seemingly a triple camera array on the back, the highlight of which is the one-inch sensor. This unit is reminiscent of Japanese company Sharp’s Aquos R6, which was announced in May, and is the first phone with a purpose-built one-inch camera sensor. 
That phone reportedly also features the IMX800, but this has not been confirmed officially.
Back to the Xperia PRO-I, the one-inch sensor unsurprisingly takes up a lot of space and protrudes quite a lot. Photography enthusiasts may not mind that, as long as the overall weight of the device remains within a reasonable limit and given the sensor size, which will theoretically allow for better photos, the device may trump the Google Pixel 6 and Apple iPhone 13 to become the best camera smartphone of the year. 
Sony is quite confident of that, but only time will tell if the phone will live up to the claim.

The Zeiss branding is visible, which means Sony collaborated with the German optics company. Supposed leaked images suggest Sony will target this phone at professionals, specifically content creators, and vloggers. 

As for the rest of the phone, it looks like a classic Sony device with a tall aspect ratio and dedicated camera and Google Assistant buttons.

Xperia PRO-I will be announced tomorrow

Other details are not known, but assuming that it’s an Xperia Pro successor, it will carry a hefty price tag and flagship-level specs.

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