iFixit takes apart Apple’s thinnest product yet, the Polishing Cloth

If you made the grave mistake of mocking Apple’s Polishing Cloth when it was announced during the recent Unleashed event where the company also revealed run-of-the-mill products like computers powered by new powerful chips and revamped earbuds, iFixit is here to tell you what you are missing out on.
This accessory costs $19 and per Apple, it has been made with soft, non-abrasive material. Sure, you can usually get a microfiber cloth for around $1.50 easily, but they may not be as effective at cleaning your Apple gadgets safely

Although folks at iFixit are not fabric connoisseurs, they did the best they could, going as far as putting the Cloth under a microscope and comparing it to your everyday cleaning cloth and the findings are revealing.

The Apple cloth has a feel-good quality to it and is basically two cloths woven together, and most importantly, it has an Apple logo on it.

iFixit awarded it a solid zero for distracting them from their MacBook Pro teardown. Otherwise, there is honestly just one downside to it: it’s not repair-friendly.

Order yours today, and if you are lucky, it might arrive in two months, or else, be prepared to wait for a quarter of a year. 

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