Hyundai hikes prices of Verna and Aura sedans in May 2022

Prices of Hyundai Aura go up by Rs 9,000 and the Verna by Rs 13,000.

Hyundai has hiked the prices of its Verna and Aura sedans in May 2022, alongside that of the Venue, Creta and Alcazar. Additionally, the automaker has also hiked the prices of its hatchback line-up that includes the Santro, Grand i10 Nios, and i20.

  • Aura gets a uniform price hike of up to Rs 9,000
  • Verna prices hiked by up to Rs 13,000
  • Aura sees a reshuffle in variant line-up

Hyundai Verna price hike: May 2022

Prices of the Verna premium midsize sedan have been increased by Rs 9,000 across most variants, with the exception of the SX petrol that sees a hike of Rs 13,000. Overall, the Verna petrol range starts at Rs 9.40 lakh and go up to Rs 14.35 lakh.

Variants New Price Old Price Difference
1.5P MT E Rs 9.40 lakh Rs 9.31 lakh Rs 9,000
1.5P MT S+ Rs 9.81 lakh Rs 9.72 lakh Rs 9,000
1.5P MT SX Rs 11.24 lakh Rs 11.11 lakh Rs 13,000
1.5P AT SX Rs 12.46 lakh Rs 12.33 lakh Rs 13,000
1.5P MTSX(O) Rs 13.05 lakh Rs 12.96 lakh Rs 9,000
1.5P AT SX(O) Rs 14.30 lakh Rs 14.21 lakh Rs 9,000
1.0P Turbo DCT SX(O) Rs 14.35 lakh Rs 14.26 lakh Rs 9,000

On the diesel front, too, the Verna sees a similar price hike of Rs 9,000 across the range, apart from the SX and SX AT variants that see an increase of Rs 13,000. Price for the Verna diesel range start from Rs 11 lakh and go all the way up to Rs 15.44 lakh.

Variants New Price Old Price Difference
1.5D MT S+ Rs 11.00 lakh Rs 10.91 lakh Rs 9,000
1.5D MT SX Rs 12.45 lakh Rs 12.32 lakh Rs 13,000
1.5D AT SX Rs 13.60 lakh Rs 13.47 lakh Rs 13,000
1.5D MT SX(O) Rs 14.29 lakh Rs 14.20 lakh Rs 9,000
1.5D AT SX(O) Rs 15.44 lakh Rs 15.35 lakh Rs 9,000

Hyundai Aura price hike: May 2022

Coming to the brand’s compact sedan, prices have been uniformly increased by up to Rs 9,000 for both, diesel and petrol variants. As part of a revision, Hyundai has silently deleted the AMT S and S(O) variants from the Aura diesel’s line-up. Therefore, prices for the Aura petrol range from Rs 6.08 lakh-7.87 lakh, whereas the diesel range is priced from Rs 8.06 lakh-9.50 lakh.

1.2P MT E Rs 6.08 lakh Rs 5.99 lakh Rs 9,000
1.2P MT S Rs 6.93 lakh Rs 6.84 lakh Rs 9,000
1.2P AMT S Rs 7.42 lakh Rs 7.33 lakh Rs 9,000
1.2P MT SX Rs 7.62 lakh Rs 7.53 lakh Rs 9,000
1.2 MT CNG S Rs 7.87 lakh Rs 7.78 lakh Rs 9,000
1.2P MT SX(O) Rs 8.18 lakh Rs 8.09 lakh Rs 9,000
1.2P AMT SX+ Rs 8.36 lakh Rs 8.27 lakh Rs 9,000
1.0P Turbo SX+ Rs 8.87 lakh Rs 8.78 lakh Rs 9,000
1.2D MT S Rs 8.06 lakh Rs 7.97 lakh Rs 9,000
1.2D AMT SX+ Rs 9.50 lakh Rs 9.41 lakh Rs 9,000

Upcoming launches from Hyundai in 2022

After recently launching the Creta Knight Edition, Hyundai has confirmed the arrival of the Ioniq5 EV in India this year. Additionally, the Korean automaker is likely to introduce the facelifts for the Venue and Creta alongside the CNG-powered versions of some of its SUVs.

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