Google teases the colors of the Pixel 7 yet again, but this time with potato chips

When you hear the name Google, a few things probably come to your mind. You probably think of Google Search, Gmail, Google Docs, Android, and Google’s own Pixel devices like the Pixel 6 Pro and the Pixel Buds Pro. But we bet you never think about potato chips?

Apparently, the tech giant now offers potato chips as well. And no, Google most likely won’t try to conquer the potato chips market with its new “hardware.” But Google Japan’s Twitter profile just kicked off a new promotional campaign for the upcoming Pixel 7 lineup by offering… chips. With its potato chips, Google has teased — yet again — the colors of the upcoming Pixel 7.

According to a tweet from Google Japan, the tech giant offers four potato chip flavors: Snow Cheese in white packaging, Hazel Onion in dark sage packaging, Salty Lemon in yellow packaging, and Obsidian Pepper in black packaging.

As you can probably guess, the colors and names of the chips are similar to the official Pixel 7 colors that Google teased in a tweet back in May. The Snow Cheese resembles the Snow color, the Hazel Onion the Hazel color — which will be available only for the Pixel 7 Pro — the Salty Lemon the Lemongrass variant, and the Obsidian Pepper – the dark Obsidian color.

As for when we can expect Google to release the new Pixel 7 lineup, in a recent tweet, the tech giant announced that its next hardware event will be on October 6th. Alongside the Pixel 7 lineup, we expect Google to release the Pixel Watch — its first ever smartwatch — and reveal the second generation of the Tensor chip, “Tensor G2,” which will power the new Pixel 7 phones.

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