FCC document hints at imminent unveiling of new U.S. OnePlus Nord handset

The unveiling of a new OnePlus handset appears to be imminent. The FCC just gave thumbs up to a new OnePlus device with the model numbers  DE2118 and DE2117 which don’t seem to be related to any previous OnePlus devices. There is speculation that the regulatory agency examined two variants of the OnePlus Nord N200, the next handset expected from the manufacturer in the U.S.
One of the two model numbers is believed to represent the T-Mobile branded unit while the other number could be for the unlocked version of the handset. But no other OnePlus device has ever used the Prefix of DE. Last year’s Nord N10 and N100 used a BE prefix for the model numbers.

It should also be pointed out that yesterday OnePlus introduced the OnePlus Nord CE which is not coming to the U.S. Thus, the FCC listing would not be for that phone. The OnePlus Nord is a mid-range line as opposed to the OnePlus line of flagship killers.

The device that has been given the thumbs up by the FCC will feature an E-label from the regulatory agency which means that the data is programmed into the device by the manufacturer at the time it is being manufactured, and that this information can not be modified by a third-party.

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