Deciding between the Skoda Superb and Audi A4 – Ask Autocar Anything

Published On Dec 03, 2021 10:30:00 AM

Is it worth going for an entry-level luxury sedan like the Audi A4 or is the Skoda Superb good enough? Here’s what would be our pick.


I want to buy a new sedan, but I am confused between a Skoda Superb and an Audi A4. Can you also suggest any other car?

Balu, Surat

If you want prestige, a smooth ride and top-class interior, but aren’t too fussed about rear seat space, then the new Audi A4 is an excellent choice. It is very refined, has a plush ride and the cabin reeks of quality. However, if you are mainly chauffeur-driven, then the Superb is unbeatable in the back seat. The Superb, too, is an extremely refined and high-quality car, but doesn’t have the brand strength of an Audi.


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