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With adequate performance, the Carens with the 1.5 naturally aspirated petrol engine is a sensible buy for the value it offers.

Published On Jul 24, 2022 09:30:00 AM

Which variant should I choose in between the Kia Carens’ 1.5 NA petrol Prestige and the 1.4 turbo-petrol Prestige Plus? I also wanted to know if it’s worth the price difference and if the former is good enough to carry a full load of passengers? I am personally interested in cruise control in Prestige Plus but wondering if it’s really worth the price difference.

Vivek, Bengaluru

Autocar India says: The price difference is only worth it if you are a keen driver and want the punch of a turbo and the sporty feel of a twin-clutch gearbox. However, if you are using the Carens as a family car then the 1.5 does the job fine, even with a full load of passengers. The 1.5 naturally aspirated (NA) engine doesn’t feel underpowered and has a good part-throttle response, which makes it a great city car. We don’t think cruise control, a feature that is not yet very practical on our highways, is worth spending the extra money for.

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