Check out the best Samsung Galaxy S22 chargers you can buy

Samsung Galaxy S22 chargers
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If you’re planning on getting the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S22 flagships, we also suggest pairing them up with the right accessories, with a charger being one of them. You can get up to 45W charging speeds on the Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra — and up to 25W on the S22 — but only if you use a charger that supports both Power Delivery (PD) and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) technologies. That said, here are some of the best Galaxy S22 chargers that’ll ensure you get the best experience out of your new smartphone(s).

Power Delivery brings choice and more power for less

Samsung’s 45W Super Fast Charging Wall Charger is surprisingly affordable — at least, depending on the retailer — but the lack of folding plugs means it’s best suited for a home environment rather than carrying around in your backpack. It’s the charger you leave at home base while you use a more compact (or more adaptable) charger like the Anker Nano II or the Baseus 3 Port 65W Foldable Charger.

Anker’s Nano II can juice up your Chromebooks (among other devices), making it a one-stop solution. No matter what phone or laptop you want to charge up, this golf-ball-sized adapter will fast-charge them all.

The best Galaxy S22 charger is not just 25W

While 45W charging is limited to the Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra, you should absolutely buy a 45W (or higher) charger for the regular Galaxy S22 too. 45W is laptop-capable charging speed, so you’ll be getting an accessory that’s powerful enough to potentially charge every device in your bag during trips — or even at home, if you’re living the “one charger to rule them all” lifestyle. It’s far better to have a more powerful, more widely adaptable charger than the one that can only charge your phone in the age of Power Delivery.

You’ll still only get 25W max speed with a 45W charger on the small Galaxy S22, so don’t worry about it breaking your battery. The Programmable Power Supply protocol that Samsung Super Fast Charging is built on uses a high-quality e-marked cable to negotiate just how much power the charger send to the phone. You’ll need to pick one of those up, too, if your charger didn’t come with one, as Samsung still only ships 25W cables in-box with the Galaxy S22.

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