Can you remove your Facebook account from Oculus Quest?

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

Best answer: Not right now, but soon. Meta changed the requirement to log in with a Facebook account in September 2021 but has yet to offer a proper alternative.

When forever doesn’t mean forever

Facebook previously required a Facebook account just to use an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2, but the company reversed its policy at Connect 2021 in fall 2021. Soon, you’ll be able to remove your Facebook account from an Oculus Quest or a Meta Quest 2, as it’s now called.

Before, it was thought that a Facebook account would always be needed. But that’s scheduled to change sometime in 2022. For now, Meta will be testing new ways to log in to an Oculus Quest or Meta Quest 2 with work accounts, happening sometime in late 2021.

A better way to play

The Meta Quest 2 is a huge leap over the original Oculus Quest in every way. The lighter and smaller design means the Meta Quest 2 is a more enjoyable experience. It’s also got more ergonomic controllers with a better button design, better haptic feedback, and longer battery life.

If that wasn’t enough, the Meta Quest 2 features a processor over three generations newer than the one found in the Oculus Quest. It’s also got a display that sports 50% more pixels than the original and enough horsepower to add additional detail to all your favorite games.

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