Big Tech has some wacky ideas about what to do once 6G becomes a thing

Remember all the promises we heard about how 5G was going to change everything? We’d have tiny cell towers on every street corner and insane internet speeds so we could do… something… much faster than ever before! And the best Android phones would all be blazing fast to make our lives better.

Yeah. So far things haven’t played out exactly as promised, but 5G is becoming the more robust (and yes, faster) way to communicate, and we need it now more than ever since so many people have a smartphone. But now, we already get to start hearing about 6G!

(Image credit: Samuel Contreras / Android Central)

Enough kidding around. To be fair, 5G might not be the superhero-style upgrade companies tried to convince us it would be, but it is a really big improvement in many ways, from faster speeds on the best Android phones and beyond. Most importantly, it has room to grow further. We’ll all see those hyper speeds we wanted eventually.

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