Lexus LFA-inspired all-electric supercar on the cards

Published On Dec 16, 2021 08:00:00 AM Lexus will go all-electric from 2035, and the new supercar concept hints at EV performance aspirations. Lexus is developing an all-electric supercar to serve as a spiritual successor to the LFA and launch by 2030. Toyota and Lexus recently showcased 15 new EV …

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Amazon Web Services is back up after another outage

Eight days after a six-hour AWS outage took down everything from Ring security cameras to the McDonald’s app, Amazon Web Services is down again, and it once again took dozens of apps and services with it. Outage dashboard DownDetector shows many of the same sites as last week have significant …

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TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad expand their partnership

Published On Dec 15, 2021 07:05:00 PM This is expected to result in exclusive products from both manufacturers on commonly developed platforms. TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad have announced that they are extending and expanding their long-term partnership for the joint development of new platforms and future technologies, including …

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