April security patch finally reaches Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Z Flip

We’re halfway through April, and Samsung hasn’t finished rolling out this month’s security update to all of its devices yet. It’s already brought awesome camera improvements to the Galaxy S21 series, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Note 10 and Note 20 Ultra were some of the first to get the new 1GB update. In fact, Samsung even beat Google to the game this month.

Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+

Thanks to SamMobile, we know that the newly updated Galaxy S8 and S8+ have already hit the streets in South Korea. For these two devices, the new update’s firmware versions are G950NKSU5DUD1 and G955NKSU5DUD1, respectively.

Both versions comprise 21 vulnerability patches from Samsung, and 30 serious vulnerability fixes from Google. While they’re initially being distributed to carrier-locked phones in South Korea, the unlocked and international versions will be following and reaching the U.S. soon after.

Galaxy Z Flip

As for the Galaxy Z Flip, SamMobile tells us the update is already available for download on select phones (it’s uncertain which exactly). The firmware version is F700FXXS4DUD, and you can check in Settings > Software Update to see if it’s made its way to your own your own device. It feels like the update has been a little sluggish in getting to the Z Flip in particular, seeing as it’s a fairly new release—but hey, it’s here now!
The Z Flip 5G variant’s update has actually made appearances in Germany as early as last week, as well as China—which doesn’t count, however, because it gets different firmware. We’ll let you know when it’s finally here, we promise.

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