Apple’s AirPods Pro-rivaling Beats Studio Buds are on sale at an irresistible price

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Apple's AirPods Pro-rivaling Beats Studio Buds are on sale at an irresistible price

UPDATE: Just in case you needed a little sweetener to help seal the deal once and for all or a reason to choose Amazon over a host of other major US retailers offering the same exact $50 Beats Studio Buds discount for Black Friday 2021 as of November 26, the e-commerce giant is now also throwing in a $10 digital gift card. All you have to do to score that cool freebie is remember to enter the promo code “BYZPPJADUODB” at checkout (or simply hit copy and paste). Our original story follows below.

When talking about robust alternatives to the industry-leading AirPods and AirPods Pro, most people tend to consider mainly true wireless earbuds manufactured by the likes of Samsung, Sony, Bose, Jabra, JBL, or Anker. But if you’re a hardcore Apple fan on a tight budget this holiday season, there are also a few great Beats-branded options you might want to keep a close eye on.

Or we can do that for you and recommend purchasing the Studio Buds as soon as possible. No, it’s technically not Black Friday yet, but the latest early deal kicked off by Amazon looks pretty much unbeatable, trumping all previous discounts offered by all major US retailers on these particular (in-house) AirPods Pro rivals.

Normally priced at $149.95 a pair, the Beats Studio Buds are currently marked down by a cool 50 bucks in black, red, and white hues. That equates to a hefty 33 percent shaved off the aforementioned MSRP, making these bad boys cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2, which are reduced at the time of this writing by only $30 from an identical $150 list price.

Nowhere near as impressive as the hot new Beats Fit Pro, which are unfortunately still available at their $199.99 MSRP essentially everywhere, the Studio Buds do come with state-of-the-art active noise cancellation technology in tow, as well as IPX4 water resistance, up to 24 hours of combined battery life when taking the bundled “pocket-sized” charging case into consideration, and both native iOS and Android compatibility explicitly advertised… on occasion.

Powered by a “Beats custom Bluetooth chip” rather than Apple’s H1 or W1 silicon, the affordable, comfortable, and relatively good-looking Studio Buds are capable of keeping your favorite tunes going for up to eight hours on a single charge by themselves, thus beating both the AirPods Pro and non-Pro AirPods 3 in that particular department.

What we’re trying to say is the quality/price ratio is pretty outstanding right now, which means there’s no way to know if Amazon will be able to keep this deal going more than a few hours. 

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