Apple tries to persuade Android users to switch with improved Move to iOS app

In February 2020, this writer switched from the Pixel 2 XL to the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max making it the first iPhone that this writer had purchased since 2007. One of the tools that made the switch so easy to accomplish was the Move to iOS app developed by Apple and found in the Google Play Store. The app saves those switching from Android to iOS plenty of time when it comes to installing the same apps that you have been using on your Android device.
So let’s say that you have 200 apps on your Android device and are switching to the iPhone. Can you imagine having to manually install each app on your iPhone using the App Store? That is why the Move to iOS app is so useful. And yesterday Apple announced at WWDC that it is making some changes to the app, which has been around since 2015.

Starting with iOS 15, Android users will be allowed to use the Move to iOS app to transfer photo albums, files, folders, accessibility settings and more to an iPhone. This way, your iPhone is personalized for your enjoyment right from the moment you turn on the handset. Apple is also launching a QR code in iOS 15 that will take users straight to the Move to iOS download link in the Google Play Store.

The new features for the Move to iOS app will be found once iOS 15 is released in September. Since you don’t have the ability yet to use the QR code to install the app, simply click on this link.

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